Switchboard Upgrades

Switchboard Upgrades Brisbane

Electric switchboards are devices that are used to distribute electric power to smaller usage sections. It typically consists of one or more panels (containing switches and fuses) that divide the current to each region of the house or structure. The incoming and outgoing power must always be equal.

Switchboards are important for a number of reasons. Some common reasons for a switchboard upgrade in Brisbane include:

  • Repeatedly blowing fuses
  • Flickering lights
  • Not powerful enough for the number of appliances
  • To improve safety of switches and circuit breakers
  • To prepare for solar panel installation

Since they handle all of the electricity that is flowing through your home or business, electric switchboards are very important and, if not installed properly, can be very dangerous. It is highly recommended that you use a professional electrician to install or upgrade a switchboard.

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