Special Event Lighting

Special Event Lighting Brisbane

When showcasing an exhibit, a performance or any other type of special event, it is important to have the proper lighting solution to optimize the appearance of the space.

Even the greatest presentation, showcase, or recital will seem lackluster if the brightness or positioning of lights is not appropriate.

This is where LED special event lighting can bring your presentation space into a more modern and professional age. Our Brisbane electricians specialise in light rentals and installation of special event lighting. Weddings, conferences, parties, exhibits, and other special events can be elevated to a new level when the proper lighting is used to enhance the space.

Benefits of LED Special Event Lighting

Although being in the spotlight can yield perspiration from even the most seasoned presenter, one of the most prevalent causes is the heat produced by traditional lighting. Classic solutions, such as incandescent or fluorescent lighting, produce up to 90% more heat – and 90% less light efficiency – than LED lighting. This new lighting solution will help performers and presenters alike keep their cool.

From a financial standpoint, LED lighting is much more energy efficient than traditional solutions offered in the Brisbane area, producing up to 70% more light for the same amount of energy. At the same time, they provide the better quality and brightness associated with a professional performance or presentation.

Additionally, due to the extremely long lifespan of LED lights, – typically 100,000 hours! – general maintenance and replacing fixtures will consume considerably less financial, personnel and time-related resources.

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