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What good is a beautiful pool in your backyard if you can only see it during the daytime? It might be time to consider led pool lights! Our inventive lighting system solutions can transform your dark and drab back yard nights into enchanting poolside evenings.

Our team at Abe Hewitt Electrical in Brisbane is proud to offer the type of creative and effective solutions that can both brighten your pool area and accentuate any distinctive or outstanding features of the pool or the surrounding area.

We can customize your pool area and turn it into your backyard oasis by using lighting to enhance the space. LED lights can turn an otherwise boring pool area into your own personal getaway. It would feel like vacation every day with your customized LED pool lighting by Abe Hewitt Electrical!

Why Choose LED Pool Lights?

Choosing LED lighting for your pool area will not only enable you to illuminate your unique space in a single or spectrum of colors, but it will also save money over traditional halogen or fluorescent lighting. LED pool lighting is vastly more energy efficient, and can reduce energy usage by nearly 90%!

LED pool lights make your swimming experience an exceptional one. Since LED lights last longer and burn brighter than traditional pool lights, your investment will pay off immensely. They are available in many different colours, some of which are even programmable to change colours on their own. LED lights produce less heat than traditional bulbs, leak less, and are usually less expensive than regular bulbs.

As one of the leading Brisbane lighting companies, we are known for the value that we provide to pool owners (and pool builders), our superior customer service, cutting edge technology, top-of-the-line quality products and innovative, customized solutions.

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